Unique design in 7 colors. Ergonomic touch screen. Slim, flat, capacitive multi-touch panel (PCAP)


Free space under the screen

Ergonomic touch screen - thin,flat, projected capacitive multi-touch panel (PCAP)

High quality materials anddetailed finishes.


It is a fanless, flexible and high-performance hardware.

Equipped with a shock- and scratch-proof, multi-touch, projected, capacitive screen (PCAP technology).

Integrated solutions in the field of information technology

BYTE-BM offers complete services, which include software development, construction and maintenance of computer networks and specialized configurations, installation and maintenance of servers:

  • Wholesale trades service programs
  • Currency exchange management software
  • Programs for shops and mobile commerce
  • Development of Internet sites
  • Billing and revisions
  • Restaurant serving programs
  • Communication software for software products
  • Electronic archive of documents
  • Development of individual solutions for business process management
  • Antivirus protection
  • Cash registers and printers - phishing and service